On Thursday you will get an interesting triplet. The workout is twenty minutes long and starts with thirty seconds holding an L-sit on the rings, then fifteen ring push-ups and finally fifty double unders. This workout is a repeat so check out your previous score in zen planner.  I was able to beat my previous score by a few reps and knowing that target helped me push.

If you are on zoom and do not have rings you can use dumbbells, kettlebells or chairs for you L-sit. If you have the first two you can use them for your push ups as well. We will make sure you get a good progression on those first two movements. If you do not have a skipping rope penguin claps can be a good alternative.  In the gym we will help organize you to optimize the space and make sure you get a good workout.

Thought of the day

This workout was a bit harder than I remember and it really came down to the middle movement. I will often fall into the trap of taking push-ups for granted. Regardless of how fit you are they will continue to be a good movement and push your fitness. Even though it was challenging it was an interesting combination of movements.

When you find yourself in the trap, of underestimating the task at hand, how do you get out of it? My trick has been to take a breath, refocus and acknowledge that it is tough. This allows me to push through. Are there any other tricks that have worked for you?  We look forward to seeing you on zoom, in the open gyms and in the group classes.


Warm up

3 rnds

Os push ups

Hollow hold, hollow to superman, hollow rock

Calf raises

single skips, side side middle, DU


Ring L-sit

Ring push ups



20 Minute Amrap

30 sec L-sit hold

15 Ring Push- ups

50 DU

Cool down

  • Leon