Today’s Empower experience is brought to us by the upbeat, lively and talented baker, Riot.


Riot joined CrossFit Empower in 2018 at the age of 14 and became a consistent member of the  6am class with her parents.  No small feat while navigating high school!   She now comes to the gym at a variety of times, on her own! A well-rounded athlete, Riot has a graceful handstand, remarkable strength and can always be relied upon to demonstrate beautiful scales.  She was also a much loved assistant in Coach Leon’s KidsFit program before it went on hold due to Covid restrictions.


Check out her squat snatch and deadlift (NB: videos were taken in pre-pandemic times when we were allowed to workout in a group).

Way to go Riot!  You are true testament to how the early bird gets the worm.  It has been fantastic watching your progress over the years.  We look forward to seeing what your future brings.

What brought you to CrossFit?

My mom brought me to CrossFit.  Before that I had been doing dance for 9 years.  I enjoyed it but I did not get much out of it athletically.  I saw how strong and confident my mom had become from coming to CrossFit Empower and I thought it might work for me too.  I liked the idea of the class setting and challenging myself with others, I also realized that I had a growing passion for fitness and CrossFit Empower looked like it could be a great aid in helping me on that journey.

What was your first impression? How has it changed?

My first thought of CrossFit was that it was going to be full of intimidating and competitive people.  I was scared but hopeful.  My opinion completely changed after my first group class! At CrossFit Empower, you have a family-like community with people supporting you from every direction,  whether it be the coaches or the members that you see daily.

What was your first bright spot (win/accomplishment)?

My first bright spot was when I finished my first 5k run.  I would mostly avoid running.  I thought I wasn’t strong enough but I knew that it would help me with my future athletic pursuits so I pushed on.   I wanted to prove to myself that I am stronger than I thought and so I challenged myself to do run it when it came up in the gym programming.   As a result, I know I will keep on improving and I will not stop striving for better!

What are you working on now?

I am working on improving my core strength.  It is something I have been wanting to focus on for sometime as I know it will help me in all other aspects of my fitness. There are a couple of specific movements I have been practicing, but I am putting the most effort into getting two toes to bar in a row.  I am also working on my cardiovascular strength and stamina.

What is your favorite Empower memory so far?

My favorite memory would probably be when I got my first kipping pull-up and one of the coaches got it on film. I remember everyone cheering me on, telling me that I could do it and being so supportive!

Thanks so much for sharing your story Riot.  Keep on rocking it! See you in the gym.