Fran, is the most famous CrossFit benchmark WOD.  So when she showed up on Dunbar Street one fine Vancouver day our members had a proper greeting for her.

For many it was their first meeting with Fran!
For others, it was a return visit.
IMG_2858IMG_2868IMG_2874IMG_2882IMG_2883IMG_2879 IMG_2891IMG_2895IMG_2892IMG_2896IMG_2911IMG_2917

Some of our veterans have RX’d Fran before and did again today.
IMG_2860IMG_2863IMG_2889 IMG_2916IMG_2904

But for some it was their first time RXing Fran!  Only 8 days since getting pull ups, Music Man crushed it!  Fast Trak did Fran for the first time at RX’d weight and without pull up bands!  Magnum & Mr. Fantastic had never tried Fran before doing her RX’d today:)

And Saturday The Touch got things rolling with an almost 2 minute Personal Best in Fran!  Many others followed suit.

A one minute Personal Best: Sandman!

Almost three minute Personal Best!!!  Dangers, Bruiser & Super Mario!

Fran came to visit our little box and I think it is fair to say that we rocked her!