On Wednesday the workout of the day will be a twenty minute Amrap. This is one that has three technique movements in it. The first being rope climbs, second the pistol squat and third is double unders.  A lot of the time in the tech will be spent on that middle movement and making sure your hips are ready for a pistol progression.

Zoomer if you do not have a rope to climb, you will do three pull ups or pull up variations for each rope climb. If you do not have a skipping rope, for double unders, you can do penguin claps or another skipping progression. For those of you in the gym we may start some of you on the pistols to stagger and free up the rope climbs, Especially if you are in a busier class.

Your Challenge today will only take twenty minutes. If one of these movements or all of them standout as weaknesses we will help you challenge yourself and still get a good workout in. I found this as a fun challenge to take on.

Thought of the day

Have you ever found it hard to stay focused on the challenge right in front of you? I have found over the last two years, of covid updates, it is so easy to get distracted by future potential problems. For example while I am trying to keep a class on track a neighbour passes by talking about the latest news from the province. It’s important in these moments to stay focused on the task at hand and focus on the next problem as it happens. We only have so much we can control and for me it’s making sure that class can get the best workout for each of them.

Next time that life is being thrown at you from all directions, try and take a breath and focus on the challenge right in front of you not the one down the road. We look forward to seeing you on zoom, in the open gyms, and in the group classes.


Warm up

30 seconds each

Reverse Samson lunges

Door way stretch

Single unders

Ring rows

Side skips

Single arm ring row


False grip ring rows



Rope Climb



20 minute AMRAP

2 Rope Climbs

20 Alt Pistols

40 DU

Cool Down

  • Leon