On Sunday you will get to take on a twelve minute AMRAP.  We have done this one in the past. Have a look at your previous score if you remember it.  It will start with three rope climbs; twelve push press and then fifty double unders.  How will you make the best out of this one?

When I did it my focus was the middle movement. My technique on the push press was feeling a little off. Because of this I broke them up a little bit more to focus on the drive up and getting the weightless feeling of the bar. With this workout being a time priority, it gives a great opportunity to focus on or dive deeper into one or more of these movements. Right now the name of the game is to slow down to go faster and cleaning up our technique.

How will you play this game? What will give you the best workout and skill practice for the day? A client took on this one recently and our scales were focused on developing the first and third movements. Rope pulls from the floor and half doubles made it a good twelve minutes.  Each movement looked and felt better in the later rounds for them.

We look forward to seeing you on zoom and in the open gym for this fun AMRAP.


QOD:  What is a toy from your past you wish you still had?

Warm up

3 rnds  1 minute

Single skips/ backwards skips/ DU

Hollow hold/ hollow rock/ hollow hold

Inch worm/ plus push up/ plus pike push up

Tech ( Scaling options)

Rope climbs ( 3 pull up variations for each climb)

Skipping  (number of reps that will be challenging)

Build to push press weight


12 minute Amrap

3 rope climbs

12 push press 95/135

50 DU

Cool down

Calf drops

Pull overs

Hip cross overs