For Thursday’s workout you get to take on a couplet of rowing and thrusters. This one was pretty fast and furious. The toughest part in my opinion was managing the transitions. My goal was unbroken thrusters and holding on to a consistent pace of less than two minutes on the row. How do you plan on playing this game?

If you are in the open gym we have rowers, a ski erg, run, or bikes as your cardio options. And if the thruster weights, of ninety five and one thirty five, will be an issue you can always scale the weight back. Try to scale the weight to something moderate to heavy.  Zoomers you can use a piece of cardio equipment, run, or can do fifty sumo deadlift high pulls for your row. On the thrusters a back pack, barbell, dumbbells, kettlebells or odd objects can be used depending on what is available to you.

Thought of the day

The team competition is heating up! It is fun to watch so many of you participate, from a safe social distance, while supporting your teammates as well as other teams.  First off thank you to the judges that are spending extra time and effort making sure others can have fun and play along.

In most activities judging is not very fun but in CrossFit it is different. You get to be a part of other people’s breakthroughs and watch them do things they never thought possible. If you have not had the opportunity to judge another team yet, try over the next two weeks to do it at least once. We look forward to seeing you on zoom and in the open gyms.



You have until Wednesday June 9th to get your orders in. Follow the link below:



QOD: where is the best place to be on a hot day?

Warm up

2 rounds

Hip swings

Side Plank

Pvc sdhp

Handstand hold or over head hold

Back lunges





5 rounds

500m row

7 Thrusters 95/135

Cool down

Dragon and pigeon pose

Downward dog

Cobra pose

Child pose

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