This Saturday, we have a couplet of rowing and bench presses to work on. We only have one bench in the gym and therefore most of us will replace the bench press with floor press.

This workout can turn into a very long one, depending on the weight that you pick and how you pace your rowing.

For your floor presses, pick a challenging weight that allows you to finish the 30 reps in 2-4 sets. It is very important to pace yourself while rowing. One suggestion for scaling the rows is rowing for 2, 4 and 8 minutes instead of 500, 1000 and 2000 meters, with a moderate pace.

For those of you on zoom, you can do the floor presses using a pair of dumbbells or an odd object, like a backpack. If your weight is not heavy enough, try to do unbroken sets. A good substitute for your rowing sets is 2, 4 and 8 minutes of sumo deadlift high pulls with a light dumbbell or a backpack.


See you all on zoom, in group classes or in the open gyms.


Big Cat


Warm up

2 rounds, 1 minute each:

-Hip Swings
-Plank hold
-Reverse lunges
-Inch worm with Push up



Floor Press



For time:

-Row 500 meters (Ski/Run 400 m, Echo bike 1.2 Km, Airdyne bike 600 m, SDHP 2 min)
-30 bodyweight bench/floor presses
– Row 1000 meters (Ski/Run 800 m, Echo bike 2.4 Km, Airdyne bike 1200 m, SDHP 4 min)
-20 bodyweight bench/floor presses
– Row 2000 meters (Ski/Run 1600 m, Echo bike 4.8 Km, Airdyne bike 2400 m, SDHP 8 min)
-10 bodyweight bench/floor presses


Cool down

-Shoulder Circles
-Dragon pose/pigeon pose
-Downward Dog
-Child Pose