“We don’t rise to the level of our expectations, we fall to the level of our training. “ –Archilochus

On Saturday Savitar and I participated in a seal fit event  held for the Little Warriors foundation .  If you would like to know more and consider donating check out the link above, it’s a great cause to donate to.  Savitar took on the six hour and I took on the twelve hour event. Here are a few takeaway’s and why we hope to get more of you involved next year.

Stay present

Six to twelve hours is a long time to do anything, especially fitness related, and if you are just thing about completion it will be hard to finish and stay motivated. No matter how fit you are or your mental strength there will be a time that you feel overwhelmed. Just like eating an elephant (one bite at a time) you need to take it one movement and one moment at a time. It may be hard but if you give your attention to the present moment you will get through this.

In my life most of the time I am feeling the worst and the grumpiest is when I am worrying about hypothetical situations that have not happened yet. It’s amazing the clarity the presents brings, even when the world seems to be crumbling around you.



Pay attention to detail

In the beginning of the day we came in as thirty one individuals, only really worrying about ourselves and our goals for the event. Some of us with stronger personalities would even try to take charge and talk over the person who had the details we needed to get the task done right the first time. Savitar was definitely throwing her weight around and was very boisterous. At this stage we did not know what we did not know and this actually made team work way harder. But as the day went on we realized we all had blind spots and needed to help our team see theirs and they would help us see ours.

With kids, coworkers, or partners we sometimes assume they will see things our way or as I like to call it the right way. But everyone has a different perspective and may not be clear on what need to be done. We should not make the people around us have to read our minds.  As you talk to the people in your life make sure to have clear instructions and try to have one person in charge of a given task. This way you don’t work against each other unintentionally.


Do it right or we do it again

There were a lot of things that we needed to redo that could have just been done right the first time. This ties into having or giving clear orders and knowing what need to be done. When mistakes are made we can look at them as a negative or a positive and either way we are right.

Do you look at mistakes as the end, or an opportunity to improve? Next time you do something “wrong” try to take the lesson and use it to improve things in the future or when you do it again.




To start the day we had twenty five people planning to continue for the twelve hours and only six signed up for the six hour event. But after lunch we were down to eleven twelve hour peeps. This means there were fourteen people that dropped out before the job was done.

This Highlights that some people would rather look good and quit then look bad and succeed. You see this in many activities when motivation goes away and things are not as easy as expected. It can seem easier to give up and stop rather than pushing forward.

Throughout the day every one of us felt like we had no more to give but were able to push through, keep going and finish the day. The trick when times get hard is to keep moving forward as positively as you can.


Taking on the twelve hour seal fit was a great opportunity for growth and we hope that more of you will consider joining us in the future.

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Warm up

3 rnds

Plank (L,M,R)

OS push up, full body rock

Bear crawl



HSPU Variations




500m row

20 deficit HSPU

500m Row

20 Strict handstand push ups

500m row



Cool down

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