On Tuesday you will get to take on a triplet of rowing, Chest to bar pull-ups and overhead squats. This one is an interesting format with the pull-ups descending and the overhead squats ascending in reps. The row will be how you start and end your workout. In order to make sure everyone can get on a rowing machine we will stagger your start, if you are in a busier class, and have the rowing machines spaced out throughout the gym.  If you need more time to warm up go as the second partner.

The overhead squats are a very familiar weight but it feels like we have not done them for a while. In your technique section I would strongly recommend spending more time on the overhead squat piece and in between this warm up set up your chest to bar pull up. If you will be joining from zoomland have a challenging pull up alternative ready and we will have some rowing alternatives for you.

Thought of the day

Have you ever been told:  if you hear the same thing from three different people, you need to start listening? This happened to me and lead to my recent reintroduced to box breathing. I am grateful to be reminded of all the benefits as an athlete and in daily life this practice can lead to. For me breathing exercises are something I go back and forth on. But recently after feeling mentally done, I used five minutes of box breathing to help me refocus.  After the five minutes I was able to focus and get back to work. Check out the video below from Mark Divine of seal fit introducing some box breathing.

It is easy to think that you have been breathing your whole life so why bother using breathing exercises? But by practicing breathing when you are not under stress definitely has benefits for when you are stressed. It can also bring awareness to less desirable ways of breathing. Try it out and see if it works for you. Especially after the last year of high stress I look forward to reconnecting with my breathing.  We look forward to seeing you on zoom, in the open gyms and in the group classes.


Warm Up

2 rnds (1 min)

OS push ups

Ring rows or Lat pull ups

Pvc  OHS






1000m row

30 C2B

10 OHS 65/95#

20 C2B

20 OHS 65/95#

10 C2B

30 OHS 65/95#

1000m row

Cool down

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