Sunday WOD


3-minute row, easy pace

1-minute Inchworm

1-minute downward dog bend and stretch

1-minute windshield wiper movement (while on the floor, arms stretched out like a “T”, knees pulled to your chest, rotate your legs from side to side while keeping your shoulder blades on the ground)


20-minute AMRAP

25-cal row

25 hip extensions

25 GHD sit-ups

Post the number of rounds completed and reps on ZenPlanner.

For those joining in on Zoom, you can substitute the row with 2-minute sumo-deadlift high pulls using a kettlebell, a single DB, a backpack, or a barbell with a light load. For the hip extensions, you can substitute with The Good Morning using a barbell as demonstrated below.


If you don’t have a barbell at your disposal, a banded good morning is another good option for the hip extension.


For the GHD sit-ups, you can substitute with V-ups as demonstrated below.


If you have never done high-volume GHD sit-ups in a workout, do no more than 10 per round. The rest can be done with V-ups.


GHD Hip Extensions


GHD Sit-ups



Lunge stretch

Pigeon pose

Cat cow pose

Windshield wiper movement