Thursday we have a fun one for you. It will be three rounds starting with a five hundred meter row and twenty handstand push up (HSPU) variations. The first round will be deficit, second will be strict, and third will be kipping. It will be a great day to work on your handstand push ups and get a little cardio in.

You may not have a rower, running route, or bike at home, no worries you can do fifty sumo deadlift high pulls (SDHP) for your row. Today will be less about the row and more about working on this higher level gymnastics skill.

except for the abmat HSPU I like the video above for scaling options. I chose to do all three rounds at a nine inch deficit in a pike push up on the box.  For me getting the extra range of motion helps improve my hspu and I wanted to work on my strict strength.

What about you? How will you play this one to practice and move forward on this skill? These questions and more will be answer on zoom at the same empower time and on the same empower channel.


QOD:  What do you do to relax?

Warm up

2 rnds

1 minute each

Inch worm

Shoulder pass throughs


Hollow rocks

Side plank


HSPU variations

Row ( subs run, bike, SDHP)


3 rnds

500m Row

20 Deficit HSPU, strict HSPU, and kipping HSPU

Cool down

Wrist stretches

Shoulder rolls

Downward dog

Child pose