Tuesdays QOD answered

On Tuesday we asked members what their favourite healthy takeout options are. By request here is the restaurants you enjoy and hopefully this list will help someone with a dinner:


Green leaf sushi

Wild sushi

Sun sushi

Mama’s sushi (sunshine coast)

Whatever sushi place is closest to me

Non sushi options

The yacht club




Field & social

Rice burger

La Routa

More categories needed

Salam Bombay

Chau veggie express



Pho Tan

Pokeman bowl


Last category I promise



Tandoori fusion

Las Margaritas

Maria’s taverna

Pre cocked chicken (IGA, Safeway, Costco, Stongs, etc)


Funny Answers

My mother’s kitchen

Mcdonalds  ( Who do you think gave this answer? Maybe the question of the day on Tuesday.)

Now I know you like to eat, that is a pretty big list. Now let’s imagine you and your family are hungry needing to order out because it is the rare occasion dinner was not prepped. Instead of going through the whole list above pick one name from each category (not the last one) and check them out on google to make your choice for dinner. That will give you three choices and may help you and your family try something new.

Row interval workout

We have done today’s workout before, but for those of you without a rowing machine let’s talk about options. The scaling options I have thought of are running, biking, sumo deadlift high pulls (SDHP), ski, or burpees. Regardless of the option you choose the format of the work out stays the same.

You will work for fifty seconds, forty, thirty, twenty, and then ten seconds.  Each round equals a minute so you will be resting ten seconds, twenty, thirty, forty and then fifty seconds. The easiest way to do this one is with a countdown timer from twenty five minutes. Your work will always start on the minute.

I really liked this one and felt it was a great recovery day and movement day. Especially after the big workout Friday and the twelve days of Christmas workout, looking forward to seeing you on zoom and in the open gym.



QOD: Best part of your weekend?

Warm up

2 rnds

1 minute each


Get ups

L raises

Scales (L,R)



Substitutions: run, SDHP, bike, ski, or burpees


5 x 5 minute rounds (perform on a 25 minute clock)

50 secs row, 10 sec rest

40 sec row, 20 sec rest

30 sec row, 30 sec rest

20 sec row, 40 sec rest

10 sec row, 50 sec rest

Score will be total meters at the end of twenty five minutes

Cool down

Dragon and pigeon poses

Cobra and child poses