On Tuesday you will get the chance to take down a ten round couplet. Your workout will include some rowing and ring dips. If you do not have a rowing machine, a bike, ski erg or an object for sumo deadlift high pulls (SDHP) can be a great substitution for you. For those coming to the open gym the toughest part of this one is timing. I set my tabata timer to ten two minute rounds and kept an eye on it to know when to work and rest. This worked very well.

For those of you in zoom land, you can do some SDHP and each two reps will equal one calorie or you can do everyone’s favourite movement the burpee. The goal on this one is to find a good pace that you can move consistently with. Do not red line but hit about an eighty percent pace and try and hold on to your numbers.

If you do not have rings for the ring dip a bench dip or push ups will be a great alternative for you. Make sure to challenge this movement with whatever progression you choice. It is only thirty seconds of work after all.

Thought of the day


I really enjoyed how you guys called me out on my question from my last blog. To remind you the question is would you rather look or be athletic?  I love how most of you choose option C, which is have it all. This is actually the best choice. You will look good because you are capable and have the freedom to do the things that matter to you.

We look forward to seeing you on zoom and in the open gym.


QOD: Favourite trilogy?

Warm Up

2rnds (1 Minute of each)

Shoulder pass throughs

Inch worm with a push up


Hollow hold



Ring dips


10 rounds

1 Minute cal  Row

15 sec rest

30 sec Ring dips

15 Sec Rest

Cool Down

Hip cross overs

Pull overs

Knees to chest

Child pose