I personally really enjoy the Turkish Get up (TGU) and think the only person who might like it more than me is Corey.  Taking on the TGU after getting your heart rate up is always a great challenge. Watch this video from Jeff Martone (He is a great resource for all things kettlebell) for a break down on this movement.

For you zoomers on Tuesday without a rower you can do sumo deadlift high pulls (SDHP) for a minute and divide the number you get by two to equal your calories. Ie 40 SDHP= 20 calories and you will do 20 TGU to complete that round.

For you in the open gym I want you to row for one minute with nose breathing focusing on efficient rowing technique and rest as needed before starting your TGU. You will want to challenge yourself on the weight of these to slow down and focus on solid technique.

Looking forward to coaching this one it is a great workout and will allow us to get more technical.


QOD: What is better rowing or TGU?

Warm up

3 rnds

1 minute each

Inch worms, bear crawl, leopard crawl

Plank (L,M,R)







5 Rounds

1 minute Cal row

TGU 35/50#

Each round should equal 40 reps Ie 25 cal row plus 15 TGU



For zoomers without a rower you can do a minute of SDHP and divide the reps by two and that will equal you calories.

TGU: you can use a backpack, broomstick, book or water bottle.

For the open gym let’s focus on nose breathing and sound rowing technique.

Cool down

Hip cross overs

Pull overs