It started out as a grey Vancouver day but here on Dunbar Street we rowed our way to sunnier skies as we took on the CrossFit benchmark WOD, a 5K Row!

5:30am Clue set the pace for the women and Dangers posted a solid Personal Best to lead the men.
6:30am Neither record would stand long as Quicksilver & BFG came in to topple the early leaders.  In the 2nd heat Minion tied Quicksilver to share the women’s lead!  Terminator staked his spot in the sub 20-minute club knocking Sandman out of 3rd place.
9:15am Shine shattered her previous best 5K row time!
12:00pm Smash tied Sandman to join the sub-20 minute category.  Hard Rock blasted the row toppling Minion & Quicksilver and raising the bar for the women who would follow with her sub 22-minute score.  Magnum could not best BFG and had to settle for 2nd fastest time as he joined BFG & Dangers in the sub 19-minute crew.
5:00pm Aquagirl knew her numbers and hit the row hard to score a Personal Best and set the new women’s best time eclipsing Hard Rock’s score.  In heat 2 Still Waters was not content to let Aquagirl’s score stand as she lay claim to the top spot with a huge personal best performance finishing under 21-minutes!
6:00pm In the Open gym PomPom was solo on the row as she set a new personal best time.

8:00pm Haiku joined the top rowers in the sub 19-minute club knocking Dangers out of 3rd place.  Meanwhile Dragon (21:56), Duke (21:57) & Big Cat (21:58) finished one second apart in their first 5K Rows in the closest race of the day!

A grueling WOD, lots of exciting performances, a bunch of Personal Bests.  The very competitive women’s lead seemed to change hands every heat but BFG held on to the men’s top spot with his untouchable score.  Congratulations to everyone on a row well done!