Looks like I missed some excitement Tuesday with the 1 rep max back squat day.  A lot of personal bests in Dunbar Street that day!

Peril (105), Clue & Hard Rock (155), HHH & Fast Trak (160), Steel (175), Still Waters (205)

Crusher (150), Dangers & Super Mario (315), Music Man (355)

Great lifting!

Wednesday, another fine Vancouver day, another fine  CrossFit WOD: rowing intervals!

5:30am Road Warrior, Clue, Crusher & BFG
Many would try but none would beat this guy and his 2:33

6:30am G-Money, Steel, Dolly & Music Man
Dolly came close with a 2:37 row beating The Touch but not BFG, Steel set the bar for the women with a 3:10 row

9:15am Springs, Go, Kanga, Quicksilver, Doc Disc, Shine, Suave, Mr. Fantastic & Salt
Doc Disc managed a 2:42 row which was good enough to beat my score by one second!

12:00pm Where was everyone?  Hard Rock was all alone and gunning for Steel’s score.  She nailed it with the women’s best time of 3:03!
5:00pm Aquagirl, MK, Fast Trak, Sprite & Magnum
Aquagirl went after Hard Rock’s time but despite a fantastic effort had to settle for 2nd with an impressive 3:05.  Magnum could not topple the giants but still finished with a great score of 2:40.

8:00pm A solid 8pm class with Super Mario, Rowdy, Terminator, PomPom, Bat Girl & Temple
IMG_2471 IMG_2474
I felt rookie Terminator deserved honourable mention as he tied my row time of 2:43!

A lot of good rowing this day.  Job well done:)