Tuesday’s workout is fairly intense. You will get on the rowing machine and keep a fast pace for as long as possible. Your score will equal your total seconds keeping your pace under the set times in your five intervals.  If the paces below are a little aggressive, for you, we will adjust to make it challenging but doable. A big mistake on today’s workout is to scale too heavily. It should be a short sprint not a sustainable pace.

We have done this one before. If you would like to have a look at your previous score, the workout is called Rowing pace Sprints in zen planner.  In Busy classes we will switch with a buddy to help kept track of seconds. Come in prepared for a nice and intense rowing day. We look forward to seeing you.

Thought of the day

“Stay Focused. Get it done. “– Unknown but probably Michael Scott

Smart training includes have a purpose for the session. On days, weeks or months that you are very stressed and are not feeling your best keeping moving may be the mission. It may not be all personal records and highlight real performance but the low times are what get you there. Whether you are at a low or a high in training find a focus for each workout. What game will you play to get the most out of today’s workout?

Whether you are new or a long time member constancy and a smart approach are what will help you reach new heights. Stay on the path and our coaches are here to help you push past your plateau.



Warm up

2 rnds


L Raises









On rowing machine Pulling Sub for as long as possible:

1:25/ 500m

3 minute rest


3 minute rest


3 minute rest

1:30/ 500m

3 minute rest



Cool down

  • Leon