What is your plan for today’s run and Muscle up workout?

A lot of times back when I was new to training I would just come in and wing it, but this is not always the best way to approach training especially as we start to know ourselves as athletes. So for Tuesday’s class I want you to come in with a plan.

Sometimes we can get scared off when we have a movement that seems out of reach, like the muscle up does to many of us in the beginning. Within your planning for Tuesday think about what will help set you up for success as you move toward a muscle up or efficiency in the Muscle up or strength in pull ups and dips.

For your plan I want you to think of what would be your gold medal, silver medal and bronze medal plan and what would constitute each of those levels? We can’t always run straight forward sometimes we may need to swerve from plan a, to plan b, or even to plan z.

For today’s workout what will help set you up for success?

Warm up

Dynamic warm up


2 rnds

10 ring rows or bent overow

5 inch worm with push up



Pull up

Ring dip


20 min Amrap

400m run

7 MU


We will do some sort of pull up progression and dip progression for those without rings or a bar

for those un able to run we will have a row, bike, ski and burpee option


Cool Down

Shoulder rolls

Grip stretch

Pull overs

Child pose with pvc pipe