This Saturday you will do a run and sit-ups workout.

The equivalents for 1-mile run are 2000-m row, 2400-m Air dyne, 4800-m Echo Bike, or 1600-m ski. The second round of running, with a fatigued mid-line could be challenging and it is suggested to be paced accordingly.


For those of you on zoom, you can make an AbMat by rolling a towel.


See you all on the zoom, in group classes or in the open gyms.

Big Cat


Warm Up

3 minutes of plank holds (L-M-R), then:

2 rounds, 1 min each:

-Hip swings
-Hollow hold
-Leopard crawl
-Reverse lunges


-Run route/Equipment (rower, bike, ski) set-up
-AbMat sit-up



2 rounds for time of:

Run 1 mile
100 sit-ups


Cool Down

-Calf stretch
-Dragon pose/pigeon pose
-Cobra pose
-Downward dog/Child pose