For Tuesday’s workout you have three rounds of running, knees to elbow, and dumbbell thrusters. This one was good, I found myself doing two sets for the in gym movements except for completing all twenty dumbbell thrusters in the third round. For you who have not done knees to elbow in a while this could be the challenge for you on this one. We will spend time going over progressions and scaling options and make sure you get a good workout in.


I know that the second in gym movement is your favourite; dumbbell thrusters are beloved by all. Zoomers, if you are able to have two objects for your thrusters try that and if not a back pack, hockey stick, suit case, etc will work just fine. For those in the open gym let’s find a set of dumbbells that are challenging but not crushing. For many of you twenty five or forty pounds will be a little lighter than normal.


As some of you have heard last week I passed my level three CrossFit exam. It was a very big undertaking with many ups and downs along the way and its funny to think that if I knew the pandemic was about to happen I may have never risen to this challenge. Thank you to my wife and kids (for putting up with my craziness and being a constant support system), Corey and Sunghee (I would not have this opportunity to coach without them), and to all of the current and past Empower members that have allowed me to do what I love since 2013.

We look forward to seeing you on zoom and in the open gym.




QOD: What will 21.3 include?

Warm up

2 rnds (1 min)

Hip swings

Hollow hold

Pvc ohs

Side plank





DB Thrusters


3 rnds

200m run

20 K2E

200m Run

20 DB Thrusters 25/40#

Cool down

Dragon pose/ pigeon pose

Pull overs

Hip cross over