Today was Sandman’s day!

L-Pull Ups & Ring Dips is what CrossFit HQ gave us today and Sandman killed it with the only sub-20 minute finish on Dunbar Street.  It was impressive.
Others RXing the WOD included Doc Disc, Bruiser, Mr. Fantastic, & Yeti.  Great work all!
CrossFit_Empower_RX_Mr.FantasticCrossFit_Empower_RX_BruiserCrossFit_Empower_RX_Doc_DiscCrossFit Empower RX Yeti
Honourable mention to BFG who got through 4 rounds RX’d.
CrossFit_Empower_ RX_Vancouver
There were many modification options for the L-Pull Up including W-Pull Ups, banded pull ups + seated L-Raises or Ring Rows + seated L-Raises.  For ring dips bands were available, push ups or even tricep dips.
CrossFit Empower on Dunbar Street in Vancouver, whatever your level we have a way to adapt the  CrossFit programming for you!