We’ve had a bit of a rough patch this year so we’re due for some good news and this year Santa delivered early.

Yesterday Dauntless shared the news with us that not only does it not look like gyms will be ordered closed for the holiday season, low intensity group classes have been allowed to resume.  On Monday a whole set of guidelines was finally made available to gyms.  They’re not perfect and they acknowledge the fact that mch is still left up to our judgement.  What is clear is that high intensity group classes are forbidden but low intensity classes like yesterday’s technical snatch day are allowed.  As much as we feared another total shut down, we are relieved to see the Health Authority moving in the opposite direction. 

Hard Rock confirmed over the weekend the arrival of the first batch of vaccines which will be distributed to vulnerable populations.  And Electric confirms that Pfizer has Santa covered so even if he’s not in your bubble, he’ll be safe coming down your chimney!

Just as I never saw the need to take the flu shot, I am not personally too interested in receiving a COVID vaccine.  But if you’re worried about the vaccine safety Hawkeye shared some great articles and explanations on why you should not be too worried about it.  But, if you, like me, need something a bit shorter and less sciencey, here is a quick video breaking down how the vaccine is made.  And I know some people are concerned that this vaccine has been rushed to market but here’s a good video explaining just how it has been possible.

It is my hope that with the most vulnerable populations now getting access to the vaccine and the rest of us practicing social distancing measures like a Zoom version of the 12-Days of X-mas that Vancouver will soon see COVID under control and we can ease our way back into business as usual.  Our new gym layout provides much better spacing and we’ve added a CO2 tester so we can monitor air quality in the gym.  It is generally believed that viral transmission events happen in environments where the CO2 reading exceeds 1000 parts per million so we’ve set the sensor up to sound an alarm if we hit that level of CO2 concentration.  So far, with our windows open, we haven’t been able to get it up to 600 ppm.

We will continue offering Zoom classes and open gyms.  Open gym attendees are now welcome to participate in low intensity classes with the Zoomers.  We are happy to be able to remain open for the holidays.  Though we will not be closed, we will trim the holiday class schedule please register for classes you wish to attend and, if you register, please attend as our coaches are giving up holiday time with family to be there for you.

Apparel orders: It seems our supplier had some trouble getting our goods early from the North Pole but I hear he will be delivering our apparel in person tomorrow so your orders should be available for pick up in the gym Saturday.  I will notify you.

Friday WOD
While we certainly want you to scale the movements and loads to your fitness level so that you are able to complete it within the 30 minutes available, it would be easy to scale this too much and be done in under 20 minutes and that IS NOT the point.  The point here is to challenge yourself.  This is supposed to be a heavy and hard workout! 

Something heavy for lunges & front squats, load up a suitcase or box or pick up a friend for 20 lunge steps
Barbell or kettlebells or dumbbells

Warm Up
1 min Lunges
1 min Judo Push Ups
1 min Bear Crawl
1 min Squat Jumps

Weighted Lunges
Muscle Ups or Upper Body Push + Upper Body Pull (ring row + push up or pull up + ring dip)
Hang Power Cleans
Box Jumps or Broad Jumps
Handstand Push Ups or Pike Push Ups
Front Squats

20 Weighted Lunges
20 Muscle Ups
200ft Handstand Walk
20 Hang Power Cleans
20 Box Jumps
20 Deficit Handstand Push Ups
20 Front Squats

Cool Down
Shoulder Series
Dragon/Pigeon Pose
Downward Dog