This Saturday, you’ll be participating in a workout involving hang power snatches and pull-ups. It consists of 3 rounds of 15 hang power snatches and 15 pull-ups. The primary stimulus is to execute these movements with heightened intensity, minimizing rest intervals. Notably, both the hang power snatches and pull-ups fatigue the grips and shoulders.



When selecting the barbell load, aim for a weight that allows you to perform the hang power snatches unbroken in the first round, and a maximum of 2 sets in rounds 2 and 3. The pull-ups following the snatches will be challenging due to grip fatigue. Choose a pull-up progression that allows you to complete each round in no more than 2 sets.



All barbells will be on the platform. In more crowded classes, we may need to share the bars; half of the class will start with the snatches, while the other half will begin with the pull-ups.

See you all in group classes, on the zoom, or in the open gym.

Hard Rock

Warm up

2 rounds, 1 minute each

-Shoulder pass throughs
-Bar hang/kip swings
-Full body rocks
-Ring rows


Snatch warm up (PVC pipe/colour cap bar/15 lb bar)
2 rounds/ 5 each

-Tall high pulls
-Tall muscle snatch
-Press behind the neck
-Sotts presses
-Drop snatches


– Hang power snatch
– Pull-up and progressions


3 rounds
– 15 Hang power snatches @65/95 #
– 15 pull-ups

Cool Down