The 7am was packed this class is a keeper!
8am was a bit quieter
10am Another full class
Pom Pom & Super Mario and BFG & Magnum teamed up to take on CrossFit HeroWOD Scooter, BFG & Magnum RX’d it and deadlifted 525#!

Team WOD

The Law, The Touch, Aquagirl & I teamed up for today’s Team WOD while we entertained visitors dropping in for the Dunbar Street Halloween Trick-or-Treat event.  Candies were set out for the kids and The Touch & I were shirtless so the moms got a treat too:)

After a short warm, up and some skill practice we worked on the thruster, the most hated lift and a lift that we are sure to see in the Open.

Then it was time for our stations:

Station 1
Deadlift hold & 400 DU
We had an excellent batting order to distribute the work.  It helped that we all have good DUs.

Station 2
Bar Hang & 200 OHS
This station did not go as well.  We capped it at 100 OHS.  It highlighted our team’s weakness with the OHS.  Obviously we need to program this lift more!

Station 3
Handstand Hold & 200 K2E
Again we capped this at 100 reps but this time partly due to running overtime.  We were actually decent at the K2E but can still stand to improve.

Station 4
200m Gravel Bag Carry (each member) with KB Goblet Squat Hold
This marked the end for me.  My low back and legs were just too tired by the time we reached this station.  I could barely make it around the block with the gravel bag as the Vancouver rains darkened the sky.  We were overtime & I did not have the stamina to keep up with my younger team mates so we closed it down leaving out station #5.

Another great team WOD, fun & exhausting!