This Saturday, tackle a five-round workout with push-jerks, chest-to-bars, and sumo deadlift high pulls (15, 12, and 9 reps per round).



Keep barbell sets unbroken when fresh, max two sets when fatigued. Adjust the load for this goal.



Complete chest-to-bars in three sets or less each round, choosing a suitable progression. Jumping pull-ups work as a substitute if you don’t have chest-to-bars yet.



See you all in group classes, on the zoom, or in the open gym.

Big Cat



Warm up

2 rounds, 1 minute each

-OS push-ups
-Cross-touch bird dog
-Shoulder pass throughs
-DB shoulder press
-Ring rows
-DB Scott’s press


– Push jerk
– Chest-2-bar
-Sumo deadlift high pull


5 rounds
– 15 push jerks @65/95#
– 12 C2B
– 9 SDHP @65/95#


Cool Down