This Saturday’s workout comprises various types of handstand push-ups and shuttle runs. The RX version consists of three 4-minute AMRAP parts. Handstand push-ups progress from more challenging and lower reps in the first period to less challenging and higher reps in the third period.

During each AMRAP, following each set of handstand push-ups, complete 5 shuttle runs (25 ft down and 25 feet back) as the buy-in before commencing the next set of handstand push-ups. Keep shuttle run durations within one minute.

For those proficient in handstand push-ups, including variations like AbMat handstand push-ups and pike push-ups on a box, intensify the challenge after each 4-minute AMRAP. If handstands are not yet comfortable, engage in a continuous 12-minute AMRAP starting with 3 seated dumbbell shoulder presses and adding 3 seated dumbbell shoulder presses after each set of shuttle runs.

See you all in group classes, on the zoom, or in the open gym.

Big Cat

Warm up

3 rounds, 1 minute each

-Shoulder pass throughs
-OS push-ups/Full body rocks
-Bear Crawl
-DB shoulder presses


– Handstand Push-up variations and progressions


4-min AMRAP:
– 3 wall-facing strict HSPU
– 5 shuttle runs

4-min AMRAP:
– 6 strict HSPU
– 5 shuttle runs

4-min AMRAP:
– 9 kipping HSPU
– 5 shuttle runs

Cool Down