At Empower, we never like to let a great idea be wasted so when Electric pitched us on this great, very Canadian, team workout idea, we were all in!

Saturday July 8th we will be hosting Electric’s Hockey Night in Canada at Empower, a potluck and BBQ community event that everyone can participate in.

To compete, you will need a team of 3 Empower members willing to share the same workout load and one referee who has completed the 2023 CrossFit Judging Course.

We will run at least 2 heats so your referee can be from another participating team as long as you compete in different heats.
Each team gets to pick its own load.  Scoring will be based on total power output so load x reps.  Everyone at every fitness level can participate but your team will have to compromise on a weight that all 3 members are comfortable with.

Best of all, there will be no burpees!

We will be announcing workout particulars such as movements, workout format and time of day at a later date.  This is just a pre-announcement so you can block off the date in your calendar and start rounding up teammates and a referee.

There will be trophies for the winning team.

We are excited to host this very Canadian-flavoured CrossFit community event.

Friday Make Up Day

1) Rock & Roll
Warm Up:
1 min breathing
30/30 sec Head nods/rotations
1 min Crosstouch Deadbugs
1 min Windshield Wipers
1 min Shoulder bridges
1 min Hip Escapes
1 min Leg & Hip Raises
1 min Breakfalls
1 min Table Raises
1 min Cross Touch Bird Dogs
1 min Sit Throughs
1 min Full Body Rocks

Forward Roll

20 min AMRAP
10 Medball Get Ups
200m Medball Carry
3 Forward Rolls

2) Light Chipper
3 Rounds:
15 OHS
15 L-Pull Ups
15 Split Jerks
15 K2E
15 HPC
15 Plate Hip Extensions

3) Snatch Balance 1-1-1-1-1-1-1
Squat Snatch 1-1-1-1-1-1

4) 3 Rounds
1 Mile Run
4 min rest