“Learning to be still, to really be still and let life happen- that stillness becomes a radiance.” – Morgan Freeman

After a very busy start to the year I have gotten an opportunity to be a little more still. My next tournaments will not be until May or June. Because of this I have spent a little more time reading and the intensity in the training room has dialed way back. Right now is a season of stillness and focus on quality of movement for me. The workouts have become more about just moving well, adding some variety, and adding different scaling options. It is not the season to RX but the season to move.

You are most likely like me and very action driven. But sometimes it pays to take a step back, scale some workouts and work on weaknesses. At Jiu Jitsu for example I have not done any hard sparring in a few weeks and am just smoothing out my technique and working on sharpening positions.  For recovery I have had an afternoon nap the last two days. This is not an every season routine but I will enjoy it while I am here.

After the open, during spring break, and with the craziness of work it’s okay to relax on the workouts. Move well, and not worry about crushing the leader board every day. The season to push is always around the corner. Take the time now to give your body and mind what it needs to be ready for the next big push.

Thursday L pull ups and Handstand walks

On Thursday you will have a ten minute AMRAP of L pull ups and handstand walking. Working on these higher level gymnastics skills always adds some fun challenges to training. If you look at these skills and feel like they are a far way away you are not alone. We will have some amazing scaling options to help you get a good workout, work towards these skills, and most importantly have fun. Looking forward to seeing you for this AMRAP





2 min bike/row/jump

10 goblet squats w/pause in bottom

10 samson lunges

10 hip getups each side

5 inchworm w/ pushup

25ft bear walk

10 forward passthroughs

10 reverse passthroughs



L Pull-ups

Handstand Walk




10 min AMRAP


5 L Pull-ups

25ft handstand walk