July 21 2015

Slept in until 6am (-2).  Two loads of laundry to get done plus work on laptop.  Discovered wrist pain I’ve been experiencing IS NOT from CrossFit.  It is from all the extra work I’ve been doing on my laptop!

I accomplished much while Sunghee & Kaelin slept.  Like I woke up in overdrive.  Actually a whole mess of random and disparate work tasks needed doing and today was the day.

Sunghee prepared a lovely breakfast.

Kangaroo Steak & veggies, spicy radish, berries & coconut milk, cranberry juice (+2)
Kaelin & I emptied our bank accounts and drove out to Poco to get another 300# of blueberries while Sunghee stayed home to make room in freezer by cooking loads of food.  A lot of car sitting (+4) but a nice chat with Kaelin.  We delivered 150# of berries to Big Boss then took the balance home.

After eating I took a break.  Exhausted.  Realized I’ve been in “go-mode” for six and a half hours!

Meat Muffins, berries & coconut milk, seaweed

After some rest my head began to put some pieces together.  Call it perspective.  For so long I’ve been so immersed in day-to-day that it is hard to see clearly.  And since March I’ve been playing catch-up.  But after several consecutive productive weeks including my week “off” last week I am in a better position to reflect and plan.  And to see the forest despite the trees.  Decided on some massive actions.

Chicken & veggie skewer, Meat Muffins, Berries, bananas & coconut milk (+1)
Kaelin & I walked to CrossFit in the Vancouver afternoon heat. (-2).  Sunghee met us there.

Kaelin attended the On-Ramp with The Touch while Sunghee & I did our WOD

5 Rounds
20 Wall Balls @20#
10 Deadlift @225#

The Touch and I had done this one previously.  My low back seized up slowing me down.  Today I resolved to slow down and avoid back cramping.  I was successful in that.  My wall balls were decent though I did not quite accomplish my goal of going unbroken in every round.  My deadlifts are much weaker from lack of practice.  In the video I did not like my posture in the set up position.  14:16 was my finish time.  Not fast but back felt great.

Drank a coconut water (+1)then Kaelin and I walked back home along Dunbar enjoying a good chat (-2).

One more meal and then to bed.

Kangaroo jerky, berries, banana & coconut milk (+1)

Daily Totals
Sleep -2
Walk -2
Sun -2
WOD -2
Inactivity +4
Food +5

Balance +1

Final 21-Day Real Food Challenge Points Total: +69 or an average of 3 points per day.