What do you say to yourself when you are put in a hard situation? This is a question that has been on my mind for the last few months. It has been a crazy time in that we are dealing with a lot of world events at once. Do you find yourself talk helps you in tough time or slows you down?

Workout test

We have all had that hard workout, for Badger it is 200 Burpees, for Sprite it is anything with wall balls, for everyone else it will be Fran. The workouts are a great way to test out and bring awareness to what you are telling yourself. Next time you’re having a hard day, think about what you hear. Goal one: will be to bring awareness. Training is a great tool for us. How you talk to yourself in a workout is the same way you will talk as challenges arise.

Good or bad

Now that you have some awareness is there a right way to self talk? In short the answer is no. What you want to be aware of is what makes you move faster, better, and more efficiently. Sometimes, you’ve got this is all I need other times a get your butt up (not said that nicely) is what I need. What we say is like a good cue verses a bad cue. It is good if it works and bad if it does not. Goal two: figure out what is the best motivation for you based off the challenge you are facing.  At the CanWest games, in 2016, before an event I was really worried about I remember Mr Fantastic yelling “Leon … You suck!” we made eye contact and we both laughed really hard. It was just the motivation I needed to hit a 20 pound pr on the clean and Jerk.

Mentally tough

Now watch the video from David Goggins. His story is very interesting; by embracing the uncomfortable he was able to completely turn his life around.  Just because you are not mentally tough now does not mean that you cannot be later. It is like a muscle, as you work it develops and the more you develop it the more likely it will be there for you in your time of need. We are not born tough or not tough it is a skill just like anything else. Goal three: develop your mental resilience and get more mentally tough by daily awareness and practice.

Final thoughts

How we talk to ourselves has an impact on how we feel and in effect on how we move. This does not automatically make positive thoughts positive and negative thoughts negative, only the action that is taken from them will do that.  Become aware of yourself talk, figure out what motivates you as a person, and practice daily to build your mental toughness. Cheerleading may sound great but what really brings the best out of you?

Thursday Workout

QOD:  Good book or good movie/ show?

Warm up

2 rnds

1 min shoulder pass through

1 min hollow (hold, Rock)

1 min scales (R,L)

1 min L raises

1 min Pvc SDHP




Push up



3 rnds

500m Row

21 Push Ups

12 Strict T2R


Row: 50 SDHP, 400m Run, 1000m Echo Bike, 750 Airdyne

Strict Toes To Rings: T2B, Leg raises, V Sit ups

Cool Down

Arm raises

Hip swings

Down ward dog

Cobra pose

Child pose