Schedule Updates
Next week it is back to school and work for many of our Empower families.  We will be adjusting our schedule accordingly to try to accommodate changing training patterns.  After Labour Day weekend the Athletics class will be moving to 6pm Mondays & Wednesdays to hopefully take some of the overflow from the popular 5pm group class.   6pm Open gym will move to 7pm.  We will add more classes as required as soon as it becomes clear which times are most in demand.

COVID Measures
With everyone returning to school and work we can expect to see a (hopefully moderate) rise in COVID rates province-wide.  We will continue to practice safe social distancing in the gym along with hand washing and disinfecting stations and equipment every class.   We will also continue to take advantage of the fact that Empower has the best airflow of any Vancouver gym.  Though the search continues for  a new, realistically priced North-East window, other doors and windows will remain open.  As the days shorten and the temperature drops, we encourage members to dress appropriately.   Last year, on the advice of Livewire and Iron Man, I bought HeeHee an Ororo heated vest for the long cold nights she spends on set and it has been wonderful.  I’ll be looking into a vest and gloves for myself to get through the long chilly days of coaching; you should check them out too!

Action Plan
Predictions are that COVID may become the new seasonal flu.  If so, it is very likely that you and I will eventually be exposed.  We are right now conferring with our medical professionals to develop a reasonable but not over-reactive COVID action plan for that day when we receive news that an Empower member has tested positive.  Though protocols may change as circumstances and available information surrounding Coronavirus change, we will be posting our initial action plan shortly so we’re all ready to minimize COVID’s impact on our membership.

Layout Changes
We have already ordered the parts necessary for reorganizing our pull up rig as per the Sandman protocol.  Based on his proposed alterations we will be able to fit more members per class while maintaining a minimum 6 foot distance.  Delivery times on pull up rig components are unpredictable but we have a contractor standing by.  We will hopefully have this project done before the end of October.

Program Updates
With high demand for services and low availability of space we are significantly changing our program offerings effective September 8th.  Your membership will not be effective.  Your rates will remain unchanged and you will be automatically subscribed to our Premium Membership.  It’s our thanks to you for your loyalty throughout the first part of 2020.  Here are the programs and rates taking effect next week:

Personal Training Starting at $100/hour or $900 for 10 1-hour sessions
1-on-1 strength and conditioning coaching with one of our Empower fitness experts.  In addition to all mandatory and voluntary training and certifications all our coaches have 5+ year training under Empower founder and Level 3 CrossFit Coach Corey Lapell CrossFit Coach and owner since 2008.  Our coaching team specializes in training members over 40 years old, kids, families, seniors and athletes with previous health and injury history or members looking for the fitness benefits of a fun strength and conditioning program without the elevated risk of injury.
Zoom Personal Training Starting at $100/hour or $900 for 10 1-hour sessions
Work with one of our experienced coaches whenever and from wherever you want.  Train from the safety of your home or train with us while away travelling.  Our coaches are experts at adapting your strength and conditioning program to suit your ability and your equipment availability.  We’ll get you fit with body weight only exercises or teach you how to transform a backpack and some books into a multi-purpose fitness training tool.
Virtual Coaching $179/month subscription, cancel when you want
Train at your convenience when you want, where you want.  Every week we will send you 2 new strength and conditioning programs which will target your whole body helping you develop strength, stamina, cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, speed, balance, power, accuracy and agility.  Each workout will come with instructional videos.  Your subscription includes a weekly Zoom, phone or email check –in with your coach to follow up on your previous week’s performance and guidance on how to adapt the coming workouts to your fitness level, fitness goals and equipment availability.
Zoom-Only Group Class Membership $199/month or $149/month on a 6-month subscription
Join our in-gym CrossFit Group Classes from the comfort of your own home.  We will post the workout details on our blog and Facebook page along with instructional videos and suggestions on how to modify workouts to fit your equipment access and fitness level so that you can come to class prepared.  Some familiarity with CrossFit is recommended, if you are new to CrossFit we suggest starting with a few in-person or Zoom Personal Training sessions so we can go over core movements with you.  Our Zoom subscription is charged per screen so any family, friends or neighbours who want to join you for a workout are welcome at no extra charge as long as they have completed the mandatory waivers and are sharing your screen with you.  All group classes on our schedule are in Pacific Standard time.
Original Strength $60/30-minute session (Available in-person or via Zoom)
Try the program that our coaches and athletes have fallen in love with.  The Original Strength System will re-establish a foundation of movement that will make any physical goal easier and more attainable and help improve mental acuity.  This program is accessible to people of all levels; it has been adopted in John Hopkins Medical Centre for patients recovering from months of bed rest and by professional sports teams like the Cincinnati Bengals  and legendary strength coaches like Dan John to improve the performance of their athletes, patients and clients.  Original strength is great for developing astounding core strength, full body joint mobility, effective breathing, improved vestibular function, balance and neurological connectedness.  Wherever your fitness is at, Original Strength will help take you to the next level!
Athletics-Only 25.00 drop in or $16 per class on a 20-class pass
You love to sweat but you’re not interested in heavy lifting or technical gymnastics skills.  Athletics is the program for you!  We promise to get your heart rate up and your pores open as you engage in this fun group class training program!
SeniorFit  $60/30-minute session
Stay strong, healthy, active and independent with this short strength and conditioning program adapted to the needs of an older population.  Our coaches are very experienced working with members in their late 60,s, 70’s and 80’s.  the class will blend the gentle principles of Original Strength with the functional training methodology of CrossFit to help you recover and maintain your strength, mobility and functional independence!
KidFit Classes TBA
Your kids love to move!  That’s why KidFit is our most popular program, register early if you want a space!  Whether your kids are training for sports teams or just to develop strength and self-confidence, our KidFit program provides a fun fitness outlet with some serious workouts and a lot of exciting games!  Classes are based on age groups starting.  More information to be released shortly.  Please note that due to COVID class size restrictions, some peak time slots are not currently available.
CrossFit Group Classes $269/month on a 12-month contract
These classes are reserved for experienced CrossFitters or members who have completed ten 1-on-1 Personal training sessions.  Your membership includes the Zoom class option so you have the flexibility of joining classes from home or from the road when you are away travelling.  Please note that due to COVID class size restrictions, some peak time slots are not currently available.
All Access Premium Membership $289/month on a 12-month contract
Access CrossFit Group Classes, Athletics Classes, Zoom Group Classes and Open Gym times with your all-access Empower membership.  These classes are reserved for experienced CrossFitters or members who have completed ten 1-on-1 Personal training sessions. 

Tuesday Back Squats
Warm up
3 rnds
10/10 hip swings
5/5 back lunges
1 min plank( L, M, R)

Build Back Squat (in triples)

Back Squat
Done on the 5 mins

For zoomers we will do 1 min max squats on the 5 mins or add a tempo for the five reps

Cool down
Dragon/pigeon pose
Cobra pose
Child pose