August 6 2015

Another fine day here on Dunbar Street in Vancouver.

Today’s CrossFit WOD:

Shoulder Press

So that is 7 working sets of 3 reps.

What is a working set?  A working set does not include warm up sets done at a lighter weight.  For this workout I began my working sets at about 75% of my shoulder press one rep max and worked up to about 90% so my 7 working sets ranged from 75-90% of my one rep max.

Don’t know your one rep max?  Pick weights that are challenging but doable.  You want a bit of struggle but not so much that your form breaks down.

Barbells allow heavier loading but if you suffer shoulder pain you may be better served to use dumbbells as they allow your shoulders to rotate more naturally.  You can also shoulder press odd objects such as tree branches, small boulders or boxes.  Whatever is handy.