On Tuesday it will be time for some shuttle sprints. I really like this one as we do not change directions that often and this gives us a chance to work on that skill. Every time we do this one I think of the movie coach carter and all the suicides he had his team run.

For this one I wore my mask and did not go to hard but tried to stay consistent with a little bit of rest. A good warm up is vital and for those whom can’t run or don’t have enough space we will have options for you.

If you don’t have enough space in your garage, basement, or living room you can always do five burpees or one hundred meters on a piece of cardio equipment. You won’t get the change of direction but there will be some cardio had.

Looking forward to running you through this one on zoom and answering any questions you may have.




QOD: Best holiday treat?

Warm up

15/15 hip swings

10/10 calf raises

Dynamic warm up


Shuttle sprints

Mapping out space


100m cardio equipment (200 echo bike)

5 burpees


10 rounds

5m-10m-15m (total 60 m) shuttle sprint

Rest as needed between rounds

Score equals your average time

Cool down

Couch stretch

Calf drops

Hip cross overs