We had a big week of workouts. If you missed one, they are all good choices but for those who have done all three of the main workouts below work some skills or take on the holds make up day workout.

My favourite of the three was 11.3. I came in Sunday morning to take this one on, and I had a plan to get a certain number of reps. The plan went well for the first minute and then fell apart. Sometimes when that happens you have the biggest opportunity to get to know yourself and capacity. Next time this one comes up I will be a bit more conservative on the start and build up later on.  Whether you win or lose the day there is an opportunity to learn.

What do you want to learn on today’s make up day? We look forward to seeing you on zoom and in the open gym for another step forward.


  1. 15 thrusters 95/135

200m run

20 Thrusters 65/95

400m run

30 Thrusters 45/65

800m run


  1. Row 500,1000,2000

GHD Sit ups 50,30,20


  1. 3

5 minute amrap

Squat cleans + Jerk 110/165


  1. 5 minute Squat hold ( every break = 10 ring rows

4 minute Bar hang (every break = 5/5 tgu 1/1.5 pood)

3 minute handstand hold (every break= 10 hollow rocks)

2 minute Ring support (every break= inverted rows)

1 minute L-sit (every break = 50ft bear crawl)


  1. 40 Minute Slips