There exists in our culture the myth of the efficacy of maximum effort.  In film we see this belief revealed in the training montage.  We believe in this with an almost religious zeal, as if one episode of Herculean effort is all we need to turn our life around and win that championship, get the girl of our dreams, receive the job promotion we’ve been hoping for or finally fit into our bathing suit. 
The problem is that heroic effort is not sustainable and real lasting results can only be realized through sustained effort over the long term.  Today’s workout is less important than the workouts you will do tomorrow and the next day and the day after that. 

The other day an Empower member asked me when Smash became such a superstar (no, I did not know Shades would publish a blog featuring him when I wrote this blog, I guess it is the week of Smash).  The answer is that Smash’s development has occurred largely over the past 19 months as he’s been completing more than 20 WODs per month throughout that time.  Few of those WODs stood out.  Day-to-day his progress has not been that noticeable but looking back at Smash the athlete in 2019 and comparing him to the 2021 version, the difference is astounding!  The physique alone is impressive – you’re welcome HHH:)

Success is not earned by a one time, all out effort but small efforts repeated consistently day-after-day.  The foundation for success then is boring, lacks drama and is noticed by no one until much, much later when the compounding effect has had time to work its magic. 

Our personal best board is filled up with bests from other members who, like Smash, have been putting in the training consistency over the summer.  The CrossFit Total and 3 rep deadlift gave many members an opportunity to show off their impressive strength gains.  AV and Venom who have taken on the 20 in 2021 challenge are both on the Smash-track to success as seen in their developing physiques and impressive WOD performances.  But they are not alone.  My most exciting memory from last week was the image of Joy grinning as she pulled her chin confidently over the pull up bar in a strong, strict, confident, unassisted pull up during a personal training session with Shades.

Joy and several other members have taken on Shades’ nutrition coaching and over the past few months, the results have been spectacular.  Shades has an incremental approach tailored to each individual.  Rather than embarking on a restrictive diet, Shades coaches minor, sustainable lifestyle tweaks that over time yield results.  Each of her nutrition clients has been given a completely different approach designed to meet their goals and lifestyles.   And it is working like gangbusters!

Instead of going all out, think of one small, sustainable change you can execute on a daily basis.  After a couple months, after it has become a habit, contemplate adding another.  In this way, almost unnoticed, you will, over time, effect an amazing transformation!  What simple habit will you add?

Friday Make Up Day
Today’s make up day WOD is a mask-free overflow WOD that you can participate in even if you are on the waitlist.  It is a short one so challenge yourself to go heavy.  If we’re short on dumbbells, substitute with kettlebells.

1) 10 min AMRAP
Ascending rounds of 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, etc…
Burpee Box Jump Overs

2) 20 Minute Amrap
2 Rope Climbs
20 Alt Pistols
40 DU

3) Split Jerk

4) 4 Rounds
400m Run
100m DB Farmer’s Carry

5) Knee Circuit
4 Rounds
1 min Banded Side Shuffle
1 min Box Squat
1 min Reverse Sled Pull
30/30 sec Bulgarian Split Squat (L/R)