Wednesday’s workout will be a bit of a kitchen sink of movements. You will do Snatches, clean and jerk, chest to bar pull ups and double unders. Now it is time for the good news: It is only twelve minutes long. The time window was great and offered time to work on all these skills. If you are scaling the snatch weight, use that same weight for the clean and jerk.

For you zoomers you can find a good pull up progression and we will work with you to find good alternatives for the other movements. Anyone in the open gym , that are going to do this one tomorrow, please stagger your start and ask your coach if you need any equipment brought to your station or any ideas for scaling the workout.

Thought of the day

Last blog I challenged you to choose one workout, this week, to challenge your scaling on. My first thought was only about having a tougher scaling option and challenge a movement  but then I remembered an interview Five times CrossFit games champion Mat Fraser. He talked about in preparation for the games pushing so hard that after finishing the workout out he fell asleep beside his rower.  With current restrictions this is not a good Idea ( may not be even without), as that intensity is a little too high. But it got me thinking there are more than one way to challenge you on a workout.  We want you to pick something that will pushing you out of your comfort zone a little bit.

If you need support in finding the best way to challenge yourself this week let us know. We are always happy to help you get the workout just right for you and your  goals. We look forward to seeing you on zoom and in the open gym.


QOD: What is the best board game?

Warm Up

3 Rnds

Shoulder pass throughs

TGU ( L,R,Alt)

Os push ups


Snatch Drops


Workout movements


12 Minute amrap

3 Snatch 105/135#

6 Clean and jerk 105/135#

9 c2b

54 DU

Cool down

Calf Drops

Arm circles

Hip cross overs

Child pose

  • Leon