For Sunday we have a fun little ten minute AMRAP for you. In order to get the most people on ropes as possible we will have a wod A and wod b much like you did on Friday.  Remember the B wod is more of a warm up or cool down just to get your body moving and is not to crush you. Those on the wait list will start with wod B. Zoomers for your rope climb we will use a pull up progression.

Now that all the business is done its time for the fun part, this was a really good workout. After some of the bigger workouts we have had, I found today’s as a great one to get some movement and practice in. Climbing on the elevated ropes was a great challenge and I always find over head lunges to push me. I hope you can find a fun skill in this one for yourself.

On Sunday it will be ten minutes of practice. What skill are you most excited for?


Warm up

10/10 hip swings

10 shoulder pass throughs

5 full body rocks

5 stand ups


With a pvc

Hang snatch

Full snatch



Over head lunge

Rope climb



10 min Amrap

5 power Snatches 65/95#

10 Alt OH Lunge Steps 65/95#

1 rope climb


B wod

10 minutes

400 m Suit case carries

Max Alternating TGU


Cool Down

Shoulder pass throughs

Grip stretch

Flag pole

Child pose with pvc