Do you remember the big snowfall of Christmas 2008?  For Kaelin and I it remains a fond memory as we were tasked with making the expedition to the store for groceries for the family Christmas Eve dinner.  Only 6 at the time, the snow was up to his waist!  What a fun adventure.  It was easy to believe that we were arctic explorers. 
I also remember that snowfall because it gave me a glimpse of the CrossFit ethos.  I was still relatively new to group classes at Crossfit Vancouver, a regular at the rather quiet 11am class.  With the city shut down due to the heavy snowfall I wondered if I would be the only one to show up for the workout.  I imagined my coaches would be impressed by my uncommon dedication.  The roads were free of traffic so it was a shock when I found the gym parking lot full with double the usual amount of cars. 

It was the busiest 11am group class I had ever attended.  Not only do CrossFitters not use inclement weather as an excuse to skip their workout, they use it as an opportunity to squeeze in an extra unscheduled workout!  Everyone who skipped work for a snow day found their way to the gym for the workout.  CrossFitters aren’t only fit because of the amazing workouts, they are also fit on account of their incredible dedication to fitness – whatever the weather!

These days technology has made it even easier for CrossFitters to get their workouts done.  At Empower, Zoom makes it possible to integrate remote athletes with our scheduled group classes no matter where you are.  Our Unstoppable members have leveraged Zoom frequently to get in their 20+ workouts per month.

With a job that often sees him out of the country for weeks at a time, The Assassin will often Zoom in from a hotel room, hotel gym or friend’s house.  After 4 consecutive years of being Unstoppable, HHH and Smash had a rough start to 2024 spending a week sick at home.  That didn’t stop them from Zooming in at 6am each morning from their living room to join us for the group class workout.  That’s Unstoppable for you!

Thanks to COVID our coaches are very experienced adapting workouts to members training at home with little or no equipment.  It may not be the same as working out in the gym but the real key to fitness is consistency and Zoom allows you to get your workout done wherever you are no matter the circumstances.  Snowed in?  Tire flat?  Under quarantine?  No problem, we’re only a Zoom link away!

CrossFitters chase results, not excuses.  And Zoom makes that possible without risking your life on icy roads.  If you’re booked into a group class and find you cannot make it in, just get yourself onto Zoom and join us remotely, we’ll sign you in – no missed class penalty from Auto!

Friday Make Up Day

1) 800m Run
60 Kettlebell Swings
400m Run
60 Kettlebell Walking lunges
800m Run

2) Complete 10 Rounds for time of:
10/8 Bike calories
10 Burpees

3) 100 OHS AFSAP
20 sit ups every time you take a break