July 13 2015

Woke sleepily to 4:14am alarm.

Chicken with olive oil & balsamic, berries & coconut milk, cranberry juice (+2)

A cool Vancouver morning walk to work (-1).  It had rained in the night again but was dry for my walk.

A make up day today.  Lots of folks came in to try their hands at Fight Gone Worse.  Among those who tried it RX’d were Mighty Mouse & Super Mario and BFG & Sandman, the latter pair both beating my score and knocking me to 6th place in the men’s standings!  Well done.  Clue completed Papa Pain RX’d.  Big Cat did a huge 165# Push Jerk 3 rep max!

Breakfast 2
Chicken Burger & spicy radish, berries & coconut milk

A busy morning for me but The Touch was in at 10am and I wanted to join him for today’s CrossFit Split Chipper WOD hoping to squeeze it in before the noon class.

21 Pistols with a 65# Dumbbell
15 Clean & Jerks @185#
9 Muscle Ups

Rest 15 minutes

21 Parallette HSPU
15 Snatch @165#
9 Muscle Ups

Rich Froning &  James Hobart did this together taking about 4 minutes per section.  Today The Touch & I would play somewhat slower versions of those two stars.

Neither of us RX’d the pistols.  The Touch used a 40# DB, I used 30#.  Interestingly, the addition of 30# made the pistol easier for me rather than harder.  Without the weight I still can’t do one but I used the DB as a counter-balance.  That’s not to say it was easy.  It took me over 12 minutes to finish the pistols.

The Clean & Jerk was my event.  185# felt easy.  The Touch blazed through the muscle ups.  Mine still need a lot of work.  A bit frustrated with how slow they were for me.

Round 1 The Touch 14:49, WOD Father 22:20

Kipped the heck out of the HSPU and got 7 consecutive parallette HSPU more than doubling my previous best of 3!

But the snatch was sketchy.  At first we both struggled.  I’ve done Fat Isabelle before, 30 reps at 165# but after those HSPU my shoulders wouldn’t cooperate.  It took several minutes before we were recovered enough to start hitting the snatch with good form.  From there it was good and I could break them off in sets of 3.  But the first half provided some good video fails.  Enjoy.

Then the muscle ups again.

Round 2 The Touch 19:28 (total 34:17), WOD Father 23:43 (total 46:03) (-3)

So I guess I was James Hobart to The Touch’s Rich Fronning if James Hobart took an extra 38 minutes on this WOD.

Finished in time for a shower but not for a cool down or lunch before coaching the noon.  Ate 2 bananas & coconut water to tide me over (+3).

Salmon & veggies, berries & coconut milk

A lot to get done in the afternoon but at 3pm I took a break to work on eccentric holds.  Between my ankle injury & back tweak and a really hectic schedule I’ve missed a few weeks of supplementary work.  Went very light, felt good to work through ranges of motion. (-2)

Chicken & veggies, berries & coconut milk

Hit Girl gave me as lift home after the evening classes.  3 days off (kind of).

Hadn’t time to eat dinner yet so I was starving.  Ate at home with Sunghee & Kaelin before getting ready for bed.

Dinner 2
Chicken burger & coleslaw, berries & coconut milk, more berries

Daily Totals
Sleep 0
Food 5
WOD -5
Walk -1
Sun 0

Balance 0