Introducing a new class for members, families and non-Crossfitters alike…

We have not been without our fair share of challenges these past four months. It’s been a stressful time for our members and their families. During this period however I did discover how fun and uplifting working out and playing in the local parks has been. This journey through Covid has given me the opportunity and time to bring something different to our community.

Starting Saturday July 25th at 2:00pm in Almond park on 12th and Alma I will be hosting Empower’s first ever Game Day series.  Each Saturday I will be hosting for one hour at 2pm an all levels inclusive event that welcomes the young and young-at-heart for a fun packed hour that will include a warm up, short workout, and an athletic game.

The game scheduled for next Saturday July 25th at 2:00pm is one of my favourite childhood games, with a twist. I call it No Touch Capture the Flag. There is a small 10 dollar fee per family. I encourage you to bring neighbours and friends for some good old fashion fun and games in the pursuit of fitness. Capture the flag is one of those games where the more people we have the more fun we have.

If anyone has any questions, concerns or comments, please email Sprite at [email protected]

Stay tuned for more information on the rules and regulations for Sprites version of twisted Capture the Flag.

Sunday Workout

Equipment: Barbell or barbell substitute

Back Squat 5-5-3-3-3-1-1-1-1