Squat cleans and ring dips are the name of the game for you on Tuesday. Even though these cleans are light making them squat cleans will get your heart rate up. If you do not have rings, a bench dip or push up could be a good option for you.  For the cleans if you need to catch them a little bit higher and lower yourself down because of coordination or knee issues that is all good.

I like this combination of movements and found it as a good day to focus on speeding up under the bar. This is not the way to get your best score but for a practice day it was a great focus.  On the ring dips I kept a hollow position and raised the rings so I was able to keep my legs straight all the way through the dip. How will you play today’s game?

You have two movements that are great to practice and get you stronger. Pairing them together adds another layer of difficulty. Enjoy this one. We look forward to seeing you on zoom and in the open gym. (I Like the first two steps in the video below practice them during the tech)


( Great drills if you find the bar crashes on you)


QOD:  If you were given a one minute ad spot for the super bowl, you can’t sell it, what would you fill it with?

Warm up

2 rnds (1 min each)

Hip swings

Leopard crawl


Pvc squats

Hollow hold


Clean drops


Build clean



Squat Clean 65/95

Ring Dips

Cool down

Couch stretch

Grip stretch

Flag pole

Child pose with pvc

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