On Tuesday you will get to take on a couplet of squat snatches and rowing for calories. In Busy classes we will have some of you start on the row while others start with the squat snatch. This will allow you to share a barbell and a rower with a buddy. The weight is relatively light and will give you a good opportunity to work on pulling yourself under the bar. If squat snatches are a challenge for you don’t miss Tuesday’s workout. You will get a great opportunity to practice.

My strategy, on this workout, was to have consistent sets on the snatch and try to get bigger amounts of reps done in the first set. The reps started to feel better deeper in the workout. Tomorrow we will get you warm, work on some technique and get you ready to take down your couplet. We look forward to seeing you.

Thought of the day


With fitness it is important to take a longer term approach. How will your fitness practice be sustainable, help you with your goals outside of the gym, and be consistent?  Over the years I have ran into many great athletes that did not have the ability to stay consistent during low periods in training. Or they were so focused on the leader board that they got burned out or ended up hurting themselves. What is the point of your training and what important things will you work toward?

For me before doing CrossFit I was living with constant back pain and knee pain. But now I am mostly living pain free, except after a Jiu Jitsu tournament. So my big goal is to feel good, and be capable of doing the things I enjoy for as long as possible (IE forever). This keeps me from doing something silly in a workout because it’s about winning the war not the battle. What is your training helping you move towards? If you would like to reassess your goals and come up with a Y that moves you reach out to an Empower coach. We are here to help guide you on your fitness journey.





Warm up


OS Push up

Shoulder pass throughs

Pvc ohs

Side plank


Snatch drops



Squat Snatch




21 Squat snatches 65/95#

42 cal Row

15 Squat Snatches 65/95#

30 Cal Row

9 Squat Snatches 65/95#

18 Cal Row


Cool down

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