Dumbbell deadlifts and push ups.  I carried tear drop to the park along with a couple pillow cases.   There is a second rock in the park which I often use and with one rock per pillow case I have adequate dumbbell substitutes.  Why don’t you just Tear Drop at the park, HeeHee sometimes wonders as I carry it home after a hard workout.  Well, today proved why because when I arrived the other rock was nowhere to be found.  Instead of regular deadlifts I had to do suitcase deadlifts switching hands at the 30 second mark of each round.

As the Parks Board prepares for reopening (yay!) their workers are out trimming the grasses making for a lot of background noise in my video (boo).  HeeHee was off celebrating her sister’s birthday (at a socially safe distance) so I was alone on this one.  Usually we film on my phone and use hers for the timer.  Today I had to capture some pre-WOD footage then turn off my camera so I could time the WOD.  Not ideal.  To make matters worse, during a set of deadlifts my camera went into power save mode and I had to punch in my password to get it restarted missing 20 seconds of deadlift time.  If it had happened during the push ups it wouldn’t have cost me many reps because I had to break them up anyhow but I was going unbroken on deadlifts averaging 40+ per minute so that delay cost me dearly.

Some days just don’t go your way.  But it was sunny.  Run & Gun was there with his kids asking about when we plan to reopen.  And my skill practice went great as my skills continue to improve so I ended on a high note and walked home happy, carrying Tear Drop of course!

Restrictions are going to ease, some people will be going back to work, parks are expected to reopen soon, rumour is after the long weekend.  Wednesday we started asking group classes fro feedback.  We won’t rush to reopen the gym but we would like to get outside into the parks for classes as soon as it is permitted.  Some members actually prefer the ZWODs so we plan to run a mix of ZWODs and outdoor WODs and are asking members in the various time zones their p[references.  We’re also wondering with some folks headed back to work if we should return to our regular times (5am, 6am, 9:15am, noon, 5pm, 6pm).  Send us a text or an email to let us know your preferences.

Tuesday WOD

Warm up 
3 rnds
1 min inch warm
1 min single leg RDL (alt each 30 sec)
1 min shoulder pass throughs ( regular, squatting, around your body)
Deadlift (suit case, farmers carry, dB)
Push up POP
5 rnds
1 min DB deadlift
1 min push up
No rest between rnds 
Cool down 
Scapula rocks
Dragon pose
Downward dog
Pull overs
Hip cross overs