So maybe it is true that you just can’t do it all.  I got into this business because I love coaching.  And I still do.  But as the business grows, the administrative demands also grow.  Membership grows.  And I find there is not enough of me to go around.

Giving up coaching hours really hurts because it is what I love to do.  It is my connection to the community.  But the community needs me to navigate the business too.  In May and June I found myself coaching 11-hours out of a 16-hour work day.  That’s 8 hours of group classes plus 3 hours of personal training, with meals, workout, shower and admin tasks squeezed into the remaining 5 hours.  Not only is this not physically sustainable, it also means there’s little time, energy or perspective for steering the ship.

CrossFit Empower’s growth isn’t limited by demand for our product but by my ability to fulfill the demand.  I only have so many hours.  I’ve become the bottleneck limiting our growth.

And yet we have a team of eager, passionate, qualified coaches waiting in the wings for their opportunity to change lives.  It’s time for me to stop hogging the spot light and let other people’s stars shine.  I’m faced with a choice.  Since I’m not ready to give up any more group class coaching hours my only option is to surrender Beginner Group Classes and the personal training of new members.  Not because I don’t love these things but because they demand much more energy and create more scheduling uncertainty.

By handing off these responsibilities we will be better able to fulfill the demand for coaching and I will be better able to tackle the other background work required to develop our coaching team, our community and the business so that it can serve all of us better!

I do love introducing newcomers to CrossFit so I will still take on some personal training clients, but only those referred personally to me by our current membership.  Moving forward, our capable coaching team will train all other CrossFit beginners freeing me to serve all of you better than I have been doing.  Exciting new plans to be executed!