Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and Mufasa really knows how to suck up to coach with his nature-inspired training.  Here he demonstrates several functional movements that can be performed with rocks.

But seriously, I’m glad that I’ve motivated someone to get outdoors and get creative with their training tools!  Just take it easy and train safe.  In the below video, someone gets a little carried away and puts himself at risk of injury.

Empower cooking Club 20.3: Crackslaw with Super Mario
Another smash his recipe Tuesday night as we cooked along with Super Mario preparing a dinner of Crackslaw, quick and easy to make and easy to eat so it disappears easily.  Our families were the grateful beneficiaries of yet another successful night of cooking!

Join us 6pm next Tuesday at Sprite’s house where her mom Chef Pola will host us!

Down by the Water
My cousin Abigail Lapell recently received English Songwriter of the Year at the 15th Canadian Folk Music Awards in 2020 for her album Getaway.  She’s previously won Contemporary Album of the Year in 2017.  I have a couple of her albums and have heard her play live in Vancouver a couple times but don’t much listen to folk music.  However, I really enjoyed her most recent music video so thought I would share.  Of course we’re all very proud to know that our family has someone with talent!

Insta-Fitness Influencer
These past few weeks I’ve spent more time on social media than I ever wanted.  Instagram always leaves me feeling just a bit nauseated.  Inside I have a creepy fear of becoming a social media fitness influencer.  God, I hope not!  Don’t get me wrong, I value the quality stuff put out there by quality coaches like Ben Bergeron, I love the cheerful spirit-lifting videos contributed by fitness stars like Tia Claire-Toomey who are trying to lighten the mood.  What sickens me are all the motivational quotes and selfies posted up by folks trying to promote themselves as fitness professionals who can get by on great abs or fantastic photography skills alone because on social media looking great = being great.  Tony Blauer warned us about the subject matter experts versus substance matter experts.  It’s one thing to lack substance but I’m not even sure half these people understand fitness as a subject.

Whether it is a good idea or not, pressure is on governments to get businesses up and running again and let us out of our self-isolation.  On Friday the state of Georgia will allow most businesses, including gyms, to reopen.  In that spirit we asked group class members today what they will do with their first day of freedom.  Here’s what you answered:

Swim (the jocks)
Get a haircut (everyone with hair)
Visit the dentist (the masochists)
Pedicure & massage (the glamour girls)
Go to the gym (the coaches’ pets)
Attend CrossFit and not complain for a whole class (Motor – we’ll believe it when we see it)
Spend time with family/friends (the nurturers)
Apple fritters at Breka (the 5am crew)
Eat out at a restaurant (the foodies)
Have everyone over for dinner (G-Money, yes!  Party at Dunbar’s original gangsta’s place!)
Hug someone/anyone (everyone trapped at home without family)
Eat dinner at home ALONE (everybody trapped at home with family)
Host a community leftover toilet paper bonfire
Stay home and let everyone else get COVID

Thursday WOD
Warm up
2 rnds
Plank rotations
1min left,1 min center, 1 min right

3 rnds
3/3 RDLs
5 bent over rows

Sit ups
Step ups
Single arm thruster

50 DB deadlift 50/35
50 sit ups
50 step ups 24/20
50 single arm thrusters 50/35

Cool down
Trunk rotations
Egg beaters
Hip swings
Hip cross overs

COVID Open 20.3
No secret words of wisdom for you on this one.  You can hit it pretty hard.  I wrapped a couple rocks in pillow cases in place of dumbbells.  The story I share in the video is true.  Our toy guns did get confiscated and we did respond by hammering together replacements using scrap wood and nails and carried on just to spite her.  Not as cool as the toy guns but we weren’t going to let that evil lady win.  Reflecting on this incident it occurred to me that I’ve been training for COVID for most of my life.  You can confiscate my toys but you cannot stop me from playing!