At the CrossFit Level 1 and Level 2 we are taught as coaches that the WOD is the WOD and the importance of stand alone strength days.  But for some reason this information gets lost in translation.  At many gyms the daily formula follows this pattern:

Warm Up
Strength component (usually lifting like a 5×5 deadlift)
MetCon (High intensity workout)
Cool Down

Experienced CrossFitters are confused when they come to Empower and our formula instead follows the CrossFit HQ prescription:

Warm Up
Tech (review WOD and set up for movements)
Cool Down

“Where’s the strength?” they wonder.

Our strength days which occur 1-2 times per week are stand alone workouts with no cardio component attached.  Why?

Resistance training stimulates a signaling pathway called mTOR which increases protein synthesis (strength gainz).  Conditioning workouts, on the other hand, stimulate the AMPK pathway resulting in mitochondrial biogenesis (endurance).

Trick is that AMPK inhibits mTOR.  So adding a conditioning workout after your strength training actually closes the adaptive window you were trying to access with the strength component and blunts any strength adaptations you hoped to realize.

This why the most effective strength days are stand alone workouts that allow your body to fully benefit from the adaptive mTOR response.  CrossFit HQ programs workouts with this in mind.

So often I see an athlete after a good lifting session decide to tack on some cardio because they need to feel that burn.  You’ll note that this athlete may have great cardio but has not yet managed to develop significant strength.  Probably because they keep undoing their strength training efforts blunting the training effects and putting themselves at risk for over training, injury and burn out.  Doing too much and signaling competing pathways daily does not allow your body to properly adapt.

Here’s the formula to get stronger and fitter:
Stimulus + Recovery = Adaptation

Here’s the formula for derailing strength and fitness progress:
Stimulus + Stimulus + Stimulus = Flame Out

So often in fitness, less is more.

Friday WOD
We will be splitting full classes into two heats today so we can take turns on the pull up bar.  Registered class attendees will do WOD A on the pull up bar first then clean up their station for the next group as they go to finish with WOD B.  Wait listed class attendees will do the workouts in the opposite order starting with WOD B.  This way we will be able to safely cycle 12 class attendees through the WOD though only 3 stations will permit access to the GHD developers.

Equipment: PVC Pipe, Kettlebell or alternative (ie backpack loaded with books), band or belt

Warm Up
1 min Full Body Rocks
1 min Lying Hip Raises
1 min Good Mornings (PVC)
1 min Romanian Deadlifts (PVC)
10 Shoulder Pass Throughs

Strict T2B/Lying Hip Raises
GHD Sit Ups/V-Ups
Hip Extensions/Good Mornings/Romanian Deadlifts

15 min AMRAP
5 Strict T2B/Lying Hip Raises
10 GHD Sit Ups/V-Ups
15 Hip Extensions/Good Mornings/Romanian Deadlifts

Go light and easy, this WOD is intended as an extended warm up or cool down
15 min AMRAP
20 KB Swings
20 Alt Reverse KB Goblet Lunges
Max Goblet Squat Hold
400m KB Suitcase Carry

Cool Down
Lying banded hamstring stretch
Cobra Pose
Forearm Stretch