This Saturday, you will tackle 3 sets of 5 overhead squats, 3 sets of 3 front squats, and 3 single back squats.




You have the option to choose either a straight set or progressively increase your load across the 3 sets of each lift. If you choose the latter, ensure that you add small increments in weight each time, while maintaining perfect form and achieving the full range of motion.



For all working sets, aim to use approximately 80%, 85%, and 90% (or higher) of your 1 RPM for sets of 5, 3, and 1, respectively. Remember to allow yourself 3 to 5 minutes of rest between sets. If you find that you don’t require this rest period, it may indicate that you are not lifting heavy enough.



Please note that we will be sharing bars, so try to partner with someone of similar height and, if possible, relative strength.



See you all in group classes, on the zoom, or in the open gym.



Big Cat


Warm up

2 rounds, 1 minute each

-Hip swings
-Shoulder pass throughs
-Sotts presses
-Goblet squats
-Samson lunges


– Overhead squat
– Front squat
– Back squat


– Overhead squat 5-5-5
– Front squat 3-3-3
– Back squat 1-1-1


Cool Down