“Enjoy the process because that’s 90% of the battle.”-Davie Fogarty

Thought of the day

For Saturday you will get an opportunity to take on strict Amanda. Benchmark Amanda is Muscle ups and squat snatches. Because it is a very technical day it can be easy to over scale and not really be in the process of improving these two skills. For your workout tomorrow we challenge you to find a challenging scale, on both pieces, which may take you a little longer. If you do not yet have a strict muscle up or good squats snatch this workout is a great opportunity to work on them.

In the group classes you will have a buddy that you share your snatch bar and pull up station with. This way one of you can start on snatches and the other on Muscle ups. Your progressions should be difficult enough that you need some rest time and are able to work in with each other. It will be very few reps so let’s really dig deep and get some good practice with these skills. When it was my turn to take this one down the squat snatches at one thirty five where okay but the muscle ups needed to be done from the floor. I was able to take my time and really smooth out both movements. This one made for a good technical day.

Some workouts are a race against the timer. Like Wednesdays bike every minute on the minute(EMOM). But today should be performed at a pace that will allow you to display quality of movement. It is your opportunity to really be in the process and get better at two challenges. We are excited to see you for another fun benchmark workout.


Warm up


A                                                         B

Shoulder pass throughs                 False grip ring rows

Pvc oh back lunges                          OS Push Up

Snatch 2,4,6 +squat                        Floor MU





Strict Amanda


Strict Mu

Squat Snatch 95/135#

Cool Down

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