On Wednesday we get a fun little couplet of strict handstand push-ups and Pulls on the rowing machine. Your score will equal the amount of calories in your ten minutes.  The plan for tomorrow is to run the workout in two heats. This way you will be able to have a buddy to keep track of your calories and reset the rower for you.

If you are on zoom and don’t have a rowing machine, or other piece of cardio equipment. You will get thirty seconds to get as many burpees as possible. Your burpees will count towards your score.  We will have a ten minute timer going in the gym, for your total time, but you may want to preset a thirty second timer on your phone for your burpee window.

In the gym we will set up the rowing machines so there is plenty of wall space for your handstand push-ups and make sure to give you a few minutes between heats so everyone is ready to go. We look forward to seeing you on zoom, in the open gyms, and in the group classes.

Thought of the day

Yesterdays thought of the day left you with a question:  What habit will you cultivate to be stronger for life’s next opportunity?  To refresh your memory it was referring to dealing with the little obstacles/ setbacks that come up in life and how with the right practice and mindset they can become opportunities for growth. Some people mentioned that it seemed like a very individual question and that it falls solely on you. But one of the best practices for me has been to find the right coach or mentor to help with progression along my path.

This practice started back when I joined as a member at Delta Kaigen judo club, and has continued until today when Corey and I hired a business mentor. Finding a coach or mentor can make a huge difference to helping you with your next level up. They are someone there to support you on your journey and can save you a lot of time and mistakes in the process.  This is why I got so good at judo. I could learn from all of Corey’s and my other coaches’ mistakes and what they did well.

If you are struggling with yesterdays question and need some support to move your game forward please reach out and we can help.



Warm up

3 rnds (1 minute each)

Shoulder pass throughs

Rocks (Os Push up / full body rock)

Hollow to superman roll

Bear Crawl (Straight legged, single leg, with kick up)


Strict HSPU


Wod  (2 heats)

10 Minute Amrap

10 strict HSPU

20 pulls on the Rowing Machine

Score= Total Calories on the rowing machine

Cool Down


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