Sunday WOD

This is a high-volume gymnastics workout. When I did this, it took me over 50 minutes to complete. If you are modifying the gymnastics movement(s) like I did (used 1 Abmat for all of my strict handstand push-ups) make sure to keep it challenging. I broke up my sets to 3 reps in the early rounds and eventually had to do single ring dips toward the end.

5 rounds for time of: (TC: 40 minutes)

15 strict handstand push-ups (HSPUs)

15 strict ring dips

1,000m row

Strict Handstand Push-up:


You don’t have strict handstand push-ups? No problem! You can substitute with kipping HSPUs or pike push-ups as demonstrated in the following video.

Pike Push-Ups using a Box:
Strict Ring Dip:


If strict ring dips are not in your wheelhouse yet, you can certainly kip your ring dips or use a band to assist. You can also substitute with box dips as demonstrated below or dips using the Lebert Fitness Equalizer bars.

Dips Using a Box:


This is a long workout so make sure to warm up as soon as you’re in your station at the gym. I am putting a 40-minute time cap on this WOD.


Make sure your shoulders are primed for this workout.

Shoulder rolls

Body rocks

10 wall angels


Shoulder passthoughs

Air squats

Cool down:

Arm circles

Shoulder rolls

Shoulder passthoughs

Downward dog

For those working out at home, a good alternate movement for the row is a 1K run or 1K on any cardio machine. You can also do 100 sumo deadlift high pulls using a backpack, kettlebell, dumbbell, or a barbell.